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This website was created by teachers for teachers to help teachers implement the Common Core State Standards into their classrooms with great algebra lesson plans but without losing their minds. (There is also Geometry Teachers and and Algebra 2 Teachers websites for you!)

Algebra 1 Units

You will find every standard for Algebra 1 sorted into Units. These units were established by the Dana Center and I found them to be the best organization for the Common Core when I started this adventure almost 2 years ago. But I was still overwhelmed with the amount of content.

So I began breaking each unit into weeks and found the best Algebra lesson plans I could find into each week. This felt much better to me and I began testing this in my classroom. It was working quite well with some amazing results!

(I have included organization here for you to help you get started. At anytime if you would like to see this menu again, simple hit the banner at the top of the page and it will bring you right back to this page.)

Unit 1 – Patterns and Functions
Unit 2 – Linear Equations
Unit 3 – Modeling Linear Data
Unit 4 – Statistics
Unit 5 – Linear Equations and Inequalities
Unit 6 – Solving Systems of Equations

Unit 7 – Sequences and Functions
Unit 8 – Exponential Functions
Unit 9 – Linear and Exponential Models
Unit 10 – Understand Quadratic Functions
Unit 11 – Operations of Polynomials
Unit 12 – Solve Quadratic Equations

The Proof

I had a group of at-risk students that year; lots of labels and lots of problems. Most of them were behind grade level. And I loved them!

These amazing students are the ones that everyone said needed remediation, RTI. And I am not saying that they didn’t, but another hour of mindless and meaningless math facts was not going to bring these students up to par.

They needed engagement! Real engagement with real problems! Something to show these students that there is a reason for math class. A real reason for Algebra! The textbook and worksheets were not going to get my students where they needed to be or where they deserved to be.

All of this change was not fluff and it was not meaningless. It changes students’ attitudes about math and improving test scores. My students were gaining an average of 1.8 years in 1 year based on ACT normed exams.


I also began using Dan Meyers’ assessment strategy. I created weekly quizzes based on his philosophy. My students were thriving. (Please subscribe to see these assessments. I do not want them in the hands of my students, or yours.)

I am proud of these changes,  but I am not flawless. I am a mom of six that works full time. This site will have mistakes. Please understand that we are sharing this work because we believe in teachers and the work that you are doing! Please use your professional judgment for your students.

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