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Understanding the Assessments – Green Tea Mints

Today we will begin an ongoing series of assessment evaluations. I get so many questions about sample assessments that people will find online and where they should be placed within the common core mathematics courses. What I thought would be helpful, is to take a... read more

3 Reasons to Use Interactive NoteBooks

Many of us are using outdated textbooks or no textbooks at all and we are in desperate need of a way to give students (and parents) a resource that they can use as a reference. Interactive NoteBooks (INB) This is where the Interactive NoteBooks (INB) come into the... read more

3 Super Bowl Lesson Plans that Keep Kids Engaged

I used to hate the Monday after the Super Bowl. The kids were tired, I was tired, and it felt like a horrible situation of force feeding information to the unwilling. So I began looking for a lesson that would keep them engaged. And I found it! Now, many of you know I... read more

4 Things to Say When Students Get Frustrated

Bootcamp Challenge #3: How do you handle students that get frustrated? Here are four things that work in my classroom when I feel the frustration levels rise. If you have not yet had the opportunity to sign up for the FREE 10 Day Bootcamp: How to Teach At-Risk and... read more

The Weekly Assessments are Ready for Units 1-6!

The Weekly Assessments are Ready for Units 1-6! What a great response from the first set of Assessments. Thank you to everyone that sent a review! They downloaded nicely! This is beautiful work and will save me a LOT of time! -Doug I find your weekly assessments very... read more

What Do You Need To Teach Common Core Math?

I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the first Weekly Assessment Pack for Units 1-3. I have also been asked for several more products. This weekend I am working on Assessments for Units 4-6 and those will be released on Monday, but what next? Let me... read more

The Secret to Motivation and Engagement (Part 1)

This is the first in a three part series of how I am able to bring success to my at-risk students that are in my Common Core Algebra class. It includes how I combat overwhelm and help my students succeed. Each post will only focus on two elements of my recipe for... read more


I love to listen to Podcasts. Podcasts about teaching, marketing, parenting, presenting, curriculum and web design… I can’t get enough. It really is ridiculous. One Podcast I have learned so much from is Pat Flynn’s, Smart Passive Income. I was on a... read more

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