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Using Formative Assessments to Achieve the Common Core

On Tuesday I used the Comparing Investments lesson plan from the Mathematics Assessment Project.

It fit perfectly into my Unit 9 plan.

If you have never looked at their formative lesson plans, it is worth your time. The formative assessments are well thought out lessons that will help you assess where your students are at that moment.

Using Formative Assessments

These lesson plans are meant to be used around the middle of a unit to assess and fix student misunderstanding before the unit assessment.

This particular activity begins with a pre-assessment. The next day the kids come in and there is a group discussion before a card matching activity. Again, there will be a large group discussion. And finally an opportunity to change/fix their pre-assessment.

I found that my students were able to write the compound interest formulas just fine, but the simple interest formulas from first semester did not go so well.

I found this extremely frustrating because the class discussion before the activity addressed this exact situation. The questions supplied by the website were well thought out and really helped my students understand.

So why did they not remember or retain the information?

We will find out more tomorrow when we finish this lesson. Most groups did not get to glue the cards down. We will begin there and I will continue to ask questions.

I’ll keep you posted on the results.

I would love to hear about your use of formative assessments. Please add a comment below.

Profile photo of Jeanette About the author: Jeanette Stein has been teaching high school and middle school math for the past 17 years. In that time she has created learning communities, built curriculum, focused on at-risk and underprepared students while creating a successful atmosphere for her students. Through all of this she has learned to help students see the value in themselves and reach their potential. Because of how hard it was for her to learn from so many different perspectives, she is determined to help teachers use the most successful tools for quick results for the teacher and more importantly, for the students. Jeanette is the founder of algebra1teachers.com.

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