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Use Problem-Attic To Create Quick And Easy Activities

Problem-Attic is a great place to find released test questions for Math, Social Studies, Science, or English Language Arts. It is easy and fast to use. Oh yah! It’s FREE!

VALLEJO, Calif. – Oct. 1, 2012 – Today EducAide Software put tens of thousands of high-quality questions for personalizing learning at the fingertips of teachers around the country, for free, with the launch of Problem-Attic. More than an item bank, Problem-Attic allows teachers to find questions by topic, select them individually and format them using Problem-Attic’s online tools to create and output tests, quizzes, worksheets, flash cards, overheads and problem-of-the-day calendars with ease.

My first impression was OK. But then I began playing with it a bit. I loved that the questions were not all worded the same. Sounds like a little thing, but how many of your kids will only answer a question if it looks exactly the same as what they had seen in class. How great to quickly see how the same question is worded a bunch of different ways! How great to not have to come up with them myself!

But what really impressed me was the Multi-Step Problems. These are great for pushing your kids towards the Mathematical Practices we have all been striving for. I loved that I could work through some problems with them and still have questions to give my students so they could do the problem solving on their own.

I have also been using Problem-Attic for my final exam prep. Please feel free to take a look. I love that the questions download into a presentation or a worksheet. It makes it so easy to use with my class set of clickers.

I hope this resource makes your life easier. Please let me know if you have questions.

About the author: Jeanette Stein has been teaching high school and middle school math for the past 17 years. In that time she has created learning communities, built curriculum, focused on at-risk and underprepared students while creating a successful atmosphere for her students. Through all of this she has learned to help students see the value in themselves and reach their potential. Because of how hard it was for her to learn from so many different perspectives, she is determined to help teachers use the most successful tools for quick results for the teacher and more importantly, for the students. Jeanette is the founder of algebra1teachers.com.

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