What is a Function?

Unit 1 – Week 2

  • Define function (F-IF.1)
  • Vertical line test (F-IF.1)
  • Domain and range (F-IF.1)
  • Evaluate a function (F-IF.2)

Day 6Forms of Functions (Defining Functions Recursively)

Ideas for cross-curricular student work: My students will be reading the short story, The Most Dangerous Game in their English class. A Bellringer Idea is to have students graph fear vs. distance and fear vs. time.

Day 7Forms of Functions (Writing Functions as Expressions)

Day 8Forms of Functions (Translating Functions from Words and Expressions into Tables)

Day 9Forms of Functions (Translating Functions from Tables into Graphs)

Day 10Forms of Functions (Translating Graphs into Words/Describing graphs)

Assessment Examples

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